Both Kim and Khloe Kardashian are being criticized for what followers see as thoughtlessness following the Astroworld tragedy that took at least eight lives.

On Tuesday, Kim's hotly anticipated Fendi x Skims collection launched online and in Fendi stores. On the social media page, a user wrote: “Please think about the 8 victims.”

Another lashed out: “How tone deaf is it to keep marketing your product after someone from your family is responsible for causing death & injury to a huge crowd of people!?”

Clearly not everyone was upset though. TMZ reports that the collab raked in $1 million in sales in one minute. The launch is essentially sold out and is on track to be the biggest launch ever for SKIMS.

Meanwhile, Khloe is also being called “tone deaf” for sharing thirst trap shots of herself on social media. “Read the room. The first Astroworld victim was buried yesterday,” one person commented on the photos.

On Monday, Kim shared her sorrow over the festival following days of silence from much of her family. Eight people died and hundreds were injured during the Astroworld performance where Kylie Jenner‘s partner Travis Scott was performing.

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