During a Variety‘s Actors on Actors conversation with her former costar Jamie Dornan, Kirsten Dunst revealed that she felt “overwhelmed” while filming intimate scenes for Marie Antoinette.

“All our stuff was like making out, and I'm not comfortable with that. It's never comfortable, ever. I think my first time I even showed my breasts was with Sofia. She never used the take, and I don't even think you were there,” Dunst said of director Sofia Coppola.

Dornan, whose first acting role was in Marie Antoinette, responded, “God, that's crazy to know. I mean, you handled it well. I thought you were in control of everything.”

Dunst previously opened up about working with Coppola on The Virgin Suicides. Dunst, who was 16 when she filmed the movie, said, “Coppola just gave me a lot of confidence that I carried throughout my career in terms of producers wanting to fix my teeth … People just trying to change and manipulate young actresses in a way to make them the same. She made me feel beautiful for who I was, and that was a very pivotal time in my life to feel that way and to be given that.”

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