Lori Loughlin is ready to return to acting. The Full House alum has booked her first post-prison gig on season 2 of When Hope Calls.

Loughlin will reprise her role as When Calls the Heart‘s Abigail Stanton in When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas, set to premiere on December 18.

She was written off the show after she was indicted for bribing her daughter Olivia Jade and Bella‘s way into University of Southern California. (Her character Abigail left the town to care for her “ill” mother “back East.”)

Her daughter Olivia is also staging a comeback on Dancing With the Stars, which airs on Mondays and bowed September 20th. Not everyone is psyched to see Olivia hit the dancefloor. ABC executive Robert Mills responded to critics who claimed Olivia got a “deal to stay at least 3 weeks without being in danger” of getting the boot.

“This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” Mills responded. “The show is a competition and as such is subject to legal and broadcast standard regulations.”

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