Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli finally know their fates, but it’s cold comfort considering the pandemic we’re in, sources tell People. The pair have been sentenced to prison for two and five months respectively after pleading guilty to bribing their daughters’ Olivia Jade and Bella‘s way into college.

An insider says: “It’s all been like a black cloud hanging over them. They’re relieved because the waiting was awful, but Lori is still terrified about going to prison.”

The pair have been ordered to report to jail on November 19th, but they have requested that their sentences not overlap so that at least one can be present for their daughters.

To prepare, Loughlin is trying to make sure she is healthy: “Lori has been trying to stay as healthy as possible and also takes supplements to boost her immune system. It’s definitely something that she has been losing sleep about.”

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