Margaret Qualley, 26, says she “believes” FKA Twigs‘ claims that their mutual ex Shia LaBeouf abused her. Qualley appears on October’s Harper’s Bazaar cover, and inside, she opened up about abuse in general.

She can next be seen in Netflix‘s Maids, playing a character who is abused emotionally.

When asked how Qualley prepared for the part, she replied, “Unfortunately, it's so common,” adding, “And it's true that more than half of people experience some level of psychological threat within a relationship in their lifetime. I just did my best to read the script and experience Alex's reality as much as possible within the scenes.”

When Twigs, 33, shared her story of being sexually and physically abused by Labeouf, 35, Qualley reposted an image of her story in Elle on IG, writing “thank you.” She split with Labeouf a few weeks after the allegations emerged.

“It was important to me for her to know that I believe her—and it's as simple as that,” Qualley told Harper's Bazaar.

LaBeouf has denied the allegations. He was recently ordered to complete a 12-month judicial diversion program for allegedly using force and violence against Tyler Murphy.

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