Matthew McConaughey may have defended his mother with regard to her “testing” his wife, Camila Alves, on a recent episode of the Whine Down with Jana Kramer podcast—but the Dallas Buyers Club actor also commented on the challenges he himself has faced over the years with her.

“I tried to change my mom,” he said. “For eight years her and I had an estranged relationship where I couldn't have more than a conversation of, 'Hi, Mom, doing good. Love you. Bye.' Anything she asked me, I couldn't tell her personally because she didn't have a governor, she'd go to the press. She showed up on Hard Copy, taking people to my childhood room, showing people, 'This is where he lost his virginity.'”

The Interstellar actor added, “There were years where I could not talk to her. I tried to change her. I need just a mom right now, not a fan and I didn't have it.”

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