NBCUniversal has lawyered up to investigate former vice chairman Ron Meyer, after the mogul was ousted, citing an affair as his reason for leaving. He reportedly had one year remaining on his five-year contract. NBCUniversal hopes to determine if company cash or resources were used during the affair or to aid in its cover-up.

When Meyer went public with the affair, he admitted to paying her in a settlement, and now, The Hollywood Reporter says he shelled out $2 million. Previously THR revealed that Charlotte Kirk was the woman in question.

The mag also reports that Kirk had affairs with multiple execs, and that at least one other affair cost an exec his job. Last year, Warner Bros. chief Kevin Tsujihara‘s affair led to his downfall.

The 27-year-old Kirk reportedly has Asperger’s syndrome, and may have been promised roles in exchange or sex. An insider told THR: “This is the tip of the iceberg,” says one lawyer who is knowledgeable about matters involving Kirk.

Insiders say that Steve Tisch, producer of Forrest Gump and The Equalizer and chairman, co-owner and executive vp of the New York Giants, had an affair with Kirk in 2012. Unlike Meyer and Tsujihara, he was not married at the time.

Kirk is reportedly in a private arbitration battle with Tsujihara, another mega-producer Brett Ratner who accused her of extortion in leaked text messages in which he was apparently attempting to settle matters between Kirk and Tsujiahra, and billionaire James Packer.

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