Only about 62% of U.S. movies are open right now, following a five-month shut-down due to the coronavirus, and judging from box office receipts, moviegoers are still hesitant to head back to theaters. In the theaters that are open, auditoriums maintain 25%-50% capacity to allow for social distancing restrictions.

Disney/20th Century StudiosThe New Mutants, starring Maise Williams, snagged $7 million. Next weekend, more theaters are expecting to reopen as Tenet makes its debut. Observers will be watching California as Governor Newsom introduces new reopening plans, and San Francisco and San Diego are potentially going to reopen.

New Mutants drew 66% males, 34% females with 61% of the audience being 18-34, exactly who Disney expected would show up as cinemas reopen during the pandemic, Deadline reports. The under 18 crowd repped 14%, and those over 25 repped 60%. Imax pulled in $390K off 206 screens repping 5.5% of the domestic opening.

Next up was Unhinged, starring Russell Crowe, in its second week out, with $2.6 million, then Bill & Ted Face the Music, starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, with $1.06 million.

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