If you’re a
Chicago Bears fan you’re probably already sick of the season. This
team came in as as a Super Bowl contender and looks far from it.
After the double doink sent coach Nagy’s squad home early last season
another year in the offense and that vicious young defense growing up
meant contending with the NFC North. Instead the offense is terrible
and the defense is wearing down.

The new trend
is to pair your young QB with an offensive mind to make him
comfortable and build something. Last year it looked like something
with all the movements but the saying is give them an off season and
they’ll figure you out. The verdict is out for the Bears. Despite
drafting a new running back coach Nagy seems unwilling to run the
ball. Chicago ran seven, SEVEN, times for 19 yards against the

It was 12-10
at half and all the coach could say was it wasn’t getting first downs
but passing the ball was. First of all, no it wasn’t coach. Second,
the running game is about patience and wearing a team down. With a
beat up offensive line and a very good New Orleans’ front seven your
game plan was to have your inaccurate QB throw 54 times?! That is no
formula to succeed, nor is it doing Trubisky any favors.

concerning, with extra time to prepare Nagy has been killed. The
opening game against the Green Bay Packers was an absolute
embarrassment. With a bye week, at home and a Saints team missing
some key pieces Chicago was barely in the game. If it wasn’t for the
Cordarrelle Patterson kick return there wouldn’t have been really any
points in the first half. That self-scouting didn’t work coach and
you got out worked with extra time, not a great sign.

Now is not the
time for loyalty from GM Ryan Pace and the Bears front office. We’re
less than two seasons in to Matt Nagy’s tenure and less than three in
to Trubisky, but loyalty is what sets teams back. Maybe, maybe, Nagy
needs more time but the jury seems to be out on Trubisky. Yes he was
coming off an injury going in to the Saints game but he has massively
regressed from last season. He was the number two overall pick, that
Pace traded up for, but if he can’t take advantage of the window the
defense has then don’t waste it by saying with something that doesn’t

Now Pace is
human and admitting he got the QB pick wrong could cost him his job
but staying with Mitch could set the team back even more. What
happens when this team does nothing and you have to decide to pay
Eddie Jackson, Leonard Floyd, Roquan Smith, Tarik Cohen, etc? Loyalty
to Trubisky, who doesn’t deserve that big contract or maybe even his
fifth year option picked up, means other players would have to leave.
That would be a mistake.

Everyone knows
what this defense is capable of but now the poor offense is clearly
hurting the defense. In back-to-back games they’ve given up over 100
rushing yards. Maybe they’re being exposed, the performance in the
first half against the Raiders was awful, but the pressure of having
to play perfect because Trubisky and the O can’t do anything will
wear on them. They held Teddy Bridgewater and the Saints to just 10
points in the first half before folding in the second.

Last year the
Bears were 12-4 and hosted a playoff game but sports is a win now
business. It may not be time to call for Nagy’s job, yet, but even
the most loyal fans have to be honest about Trubisky. This offense is
doing nothing and has looked better with Chase Daniel under center,
which isn’t saying much either. Windows don’t last long and loyalty
in the wrong case could cost the Bears theirs. We’ll see how they
bounce back after a player’s only meeting and the reeling Chargers
coming to town next, but it’s not looking good.

Two games with
the Lions, Green Bay and Minnesota on the road, Kansas City and the
Cowboys are still on the schedule. 1-5 anyone? The Chargers, Philly,
Rams and Giants are the rest of the schedule and this team could find
itself at possibly 8-8 and maybe back in the cellar of the NFC North
without their first round pick in 2020.