Run away

Locked away

Stay away.

Safely tucked away.

Don’t go outside.

Sickness outside,

Spreading outside

Can’t be outside.

Work inside.

Brace inside

Keep inside

Relax inside…


Day one is new.

Day two is normal.

Day three is the same

Day four is the same.

Day seven,

No day six…

How many days?

Same on the inside.

Inside is sane

Or is inside insane?

No the crazy is out there,

We’re fine in here.

Locked out…

Or locked in?

The walls are the same.





Pull away

Retreat away

Get away.

Get inside.

Keep inside

Retreat to the keep of the mind.

Keep me in mind.

My mind is my own

My mind is safe.

Mind myself.



Walls in here.

Barriers out there

Barriers in here?

Gotta climb the walls.

Don’t climb the barricaded keep.

Barricaded to keep safe.

Locked it all out.

I have the key

But I can leave.

Just find the door.

Why am I locked in?

Straight jacket inside.

Trapped inside.

Barricaded inside.

Want outside.

Break outside.

Breath outside.

Peace outside.

Sickness inside.