AJ & McCall 01/04/18

How many days in a row could you eat the same thing? Bruce Wayne ate Chipotle for 14 straight months, and was actually the inspiration for #vfxStreakOff because AJ & McCall couldn’t imagine doing that. What’s the last thing you ate? Could you eat it every meal for a month? 2018 will be the year of passive aggressive! AJ & McCall have notes to share to try and take care of those 2017 issues. Passive aggressive is McCall’s second language. AJ & McCall are wrapping up the holidays, so what changed your life over the break? Engagement? Baby? Arrest? And AJ has an engagement conundrum for the #DebateAt8. Last year all AJ heard was ‘it’s not normally like this’ and that’s the case this year, but it’s warm. So to brag, what’s your best ‘it’s so warm’ joke?