AJ & McCall 01/09/18

It’s #FeelGoodTuesday! And some awesome workers are staying outside in Michigan to raise awareness for not leaving your dog outside, which McCall loves of course. What are you passionate about if you tasked with doing an event to raise awareness for? AJ is terrible at keeping his New Year’s Resolutions, BUT apparently there is a phrase out there that helps you be more successful. What’s the phrase that makes you smile, that butters you up? After a conversation with our videographer Denise, AJ & McCall want to know what the ratio of cowboy boot owners is. The #DebateAt8, cowboy boots or not? McCall will face her #iPodIdol punishment today and have to meow during a phone call with family, but you can take part in fun before. Text your family with meow in the message and see if they notice.