AJ & McCall 01/11/18

AJ & McCall are spicing up the weather! The East coast got hit by a ‘Bomb Cyclone’ which just sounds like dressing up the forecast, so what adjectives should we add to make it more interesting? Sadistic Heat Wave? Salty Ice Storm? And on the subject of ridiculous adjectives, Diet Coke will have a new flavor called ‘feisty cherry.’ What does that even taste like? What’s a commercial or slogan that you will never forget? Ed Sheeran never goes anywhere without his emergency ketchup. He has to have it. Tell us for the #DebateAt8 what condiment or food edition you would need to take with you everywhere. Serious question…what is the past tense of ‘wing it?’ AJ & McCall use it all the time but are completely unsure of how to say they wung it? Winged it? And they use ‘wing it’ a lot.