AJ & McCall 01/18/18

Poop knife! You heard that right. It’s a great story if you haven’t read about it already. AJ & McCall want to know if there’s anything unusual you found out that your family did that you thought was normal. What’s your dream job? There’s an opening to be a chicken nugget connoisseur, and AJ & McCall are all about that job. Also, bring on getting paid to travel around the world. Back to weird for the #DebateAt8. If you haven’t seen it, and count yourself lucky if you haven’t, the newest viral trend is the Tide Pod challenge. Yes, the laundry detergent. Don’t do it! But what is the weirdest/dumbest food you have eaten? For Throwback Thursday a list was released of songs that turn 20 years old this year, so what’s the one that gives you the most feels?