AJ & McCall 01/23/18

Our very own Mr. Tanner had a birthday yesterday and just treated it like a normal day and AJ & McCall think it should be a bigger deal. McCall is all about the whole birthday month actually, so which side of the spectrum do you fall on? It’s #FeelGoodTuesday, so what are you excited about? Nicholas Cage spent 150 million dollars over seven years on things like albino King Cobras, a T-Rex skull and mansions. We’re spending metaphorical money again! If you were rich what would be the things you’d blow your money on? Yesterday, AJ & McCall had sushi for lunch and got to talking about how it was a food they never liked as a kid but love now. The #DebateAt8 is what foods did you hated as a kid but love now? And on that subject, do you have any food likes and dislikes that don’t make sense? AJ loves tomato soup and salsa, but doesn’t want any part of tomatoes on his tacos or hamburgers.