AJ & McCall 01/26/18

AJ & McCall are taking on a challenge! They can’t touch their phones all morning long or else they give a vote to the other for #iPodIdol. A recent study says that one of every three people can’t put their phones down during meals. Who’s the worst at unglueing themselves from their screens in your friends and family? AJ & McCall have a deal on apple fritters you should try, even though they’re trying to eat better. What are the things you need to cut back on for 2018? David Schwimmer is in a new project! Unfortunately, it isn’t that Friends reunion movie. That’s fake. It’s a Skittles commercial for the #SuperBowl…four of them that won’t air. It costs about five million for 30 seconds. Talk about a waste of money! Tell us your biggest waste of money for the #DebateAt8. Friday is #iPodIdol! AJ & McCall will sing Halsey ‘Bad at Love’ but what is the stylistic choice?