AJ & McCall 02/02/18

Who’s going to win the big game this weekend? AJ & McCall are gonna make a mess, BUT it’s going to help them make their football prediction! Which egg will survive longest? More food, but not a mess this time, but what’s your Super Snack for the big football game? Nachos, barbecue, wings, what do you make? One of AJ & McCall has trouble giving their names for reservations…it’s not AJ. What is your reservation for the #DebateAt8? What name do you use so you don’t have to spell it or explain it? Sofi Tukker ‘Best Friend’ is the #iPodIdol song this week, and also McCall’s dance routine song for Dancing with the Relay Stars, but what’s the stylistic choice this week? Loser this week will have to do a routine made up by the winner at Dancing with the Relay Stars on Thursday.