AJ & McCall 02/07/18

Wednesday is Word of the Week! What nonsense word will AJ & McCall add to the VFX dictionary? Is there a word that you can’t stand to hear, that just makes you cringe? AJ’s brother is getting ready to move and is gathering up all his spare keys, but do you have a hiding place instead? AJ says give spares to trust people and McCall says she has hiding spots, though she has some struggles with not getting locked out. Yesterday, Facebook was up in arms about the report of a ‘lady friendly’ Doritos that had less dust and less crunch. They have sense cleared the air, but AJ & McCall got talking about the messiest foods. For the #DebateAt8, what’s the messiest food to eat? Is it chips? Barbecue? Parents, what did you dread giving your kids? And who’s our next Valentine’s Fix finalist? And how about some advice from AJ & McCall.