AJ & McCall 02/08/18

The high today is right around 60 and AJ & McCall have a simple question, do you want it to continue? Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and that means six more weeks of winter, but do you want it to be warm or do you want to see snow? How do you eat cake or ice cream? Do you use a fork or spoon? McCall uses a fork for all and AJ uses a fork for cake and spoon for ice cream. When you go to your carton of eggs, how do you take them out? Do you go from left to right and take them out column by column, or do you try and leave the carton balanced? The #DebateAt8 is McCall mad at AJ because he takes them from either side to leave the carton balanced and not have to worry about dropping it, and she thinks no one does it that way. So how do you pull out your eggs? AJ & McCall read the fourth finalist for the VFX Valentine’s Fix and hand out some more dating nuggets. Make sure to share your bad dating stories!