AJ & McCall 02/09/18

Last night McCall faced her #iPodIdol punishment and danced! And earlier this month AJ sang to strangers for an #iPodIdol punishment. So if you had to sing or dance for people, which would you choose? McCall’s dance partner Kehler is in studio to talk about his side of working with McCall. He’ll also be on Drop the Mic later today. AJ & McCall also read the last Valentine’s Fix finalist. Vote online all weekend long for who needs that Grand Prize the most so they can win Valentine’s Day this year! McCall and Kehler both have stories about getting in the wrong car, but it hasn’t ever happened to AJ. He doesn’t think it’s that common. Tell us stories of you getting in to the wrong car or someone getting in to yours for the #DebateAt8. The song for #iPodIdol this week is Max and Gnash ‘Lights Down Low’ and the loser will have to propose to strangers, at the winner’s discretion, on Valentine’s Day. What’s the random stylistic choice this week?