AJ & McCall 02/13/18

Have you ever made great plans with your special someone, only for them to go awry? A couple from Colorado bought a boat to sail around the world…only to have it sink on day two. Yes it’s #FeelGoodTuesday so tell us what has you excited for the week! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, SURPRISE! Have you ever forgotten VDay, birthdays or anniversaries? AJ & McCall have a bad habit of letting birthdays slip by the wayside. There is a big cereal announcement! A marshmallow is being replaced in Lucky Charms and McCall isn’t having it for the #DebateAt8! Meanwhile, AJ thinks there’s a bigger cereal issue everyone should be more upset about. The VFX Valentine’s Fix was narrowed down to five finalist that included an arrest, fire, a guitar with terrible songs, a date not liking home cooked food and a planned wedding after date one, but which is the worst? The voting ends and someone is winning Valentine’s Day with an awesome prize package today!