AJ & McCall 02/16/18

A ‘time traveler’ made news this week because he is stuck in 2018 from 2030 and passed a lie detector test. What do you think of his testimony? AJ thinks time travel will happen at some point and McCall isn’t sure. If you could go anywhere in time, where would you go? A list was put together of 50 things that make you an adult. Who’s the adultier adult between AJ & McCall? What’s the event that made you feel like an adult? Tipping habits come up often among the VFX staff and the #DebateAt8 is take out. Do you tip on take out. AJ doesn’t, but McCall says you should and brings her waitress experience to the discussion. Fresh off of proposing to strangers for losing #iPodIdol, AJ doesn’t want to make it two in a row. The loser this week will get pied in the face! The song today is Maroon 5 ‘Wait’ but what is the stylistic choice?