AJ & McCall 02/20/18

What’s your #FeelGoodTuesday? What has you excited or jazzed for this week? Gifts are good right, unless it’s scratcher tickets. AJ & McCall argue about if they’re good presents. The argument continues with McCall’s purse, or what she calls her pack pack. Why does she need all that space? What’s something in your purse or wallet that no one has in theirs? Have you heard of the new new proposal trend? Apparently you take the pit out of an avocado, put the ring in and propose. Yes,  it is dumb and the #DebateAt8 is McCall going through all the proposal scenarios of what you should and shouldn’t do. What’s the craziest proposal you’ve seen or read about? Tomorrow AJ will get pied in the face for losing #iPodIdol. What would be the worst pie to get hit in the face with?