AJ & McCall 02/21/18

It’s Word of the Week Wednesday! #WoWW So what new world will get added to the VFX dictionary? And thanks to a super weird message from a random guy hitting on McCall, we get a prime example of both new words really. AJ & McCall have taken on the tall task of trying to solve some of the internet’s arguments and today it’s your toothbrush and toothpaste order. Do you wet the brush then do paste, put paste on the brush then wet, wet before and after, or do you use no water at all? AJ & McCall both wet it twice and thik it’s weird if you don’t use any water at all. The VFX studio can be quite the place of discussion and mythical, legendary creatures came up. Plus, AJ has family and friends visiting that he wants to scare. What creatures and phenomena do you believe in? Bigfoot? Loch Ness? Skinwalkers? Tell us which you think are real and your stories for the #DebateAt8. Big thanks to our paranormal expert John Olsen for taking the time to give us his expert opinion. Pretty sure it’s universally accepted that accents are attractive, but what’s the most attractive? AJ & McCall attempt the top 3 according to a recent survey and you should GIF us your celebrity accent crushes.