AJ & McCall 02/22/18

A lady in England left a VERY aggressive note on the windshield of an ambulance that got her arrested. She went way too far so McCall is giving everyone a passive aggressive class and when it’s okay to leave those types of notes. Restaurants, hospitals, work, when is it alright? A new survey says people won’t send their food back if the order is wrong and really don’t say anything. What do you do if there’s a mistake with your order? We’ll tap in to McCall’s vast restaurant experience to see what she thinks. AJ is pretty patient because of certain family members he doesn’t enjoy eating out with. Yesterday for the #DebateAt8 we got in to the scary and creepy, so to combat it today it will be all the feels. Our coworker Chet has a song that always seems to find him when he’s suffering from heartbreak and cheer him up. What are your feel good jams, the songs that immediately lift your spirits? The time has come for you to see just a bit of AJ getting pied in the face for losing #iPodIdol, but also peeps flavors. New ones have been released and AJ & McCall are thinking…eh. So what were the flavors that didn’t make the cut?