AJ & McCall 02/23/18

A study was done to find out what the best throws were during rock, paper, scissors, but McCall tried last week during #iPodIdol and lost to AJ. Do you have a strategy to your throw or do you just go with it? AJ apparently never throws paper first. AJ & McCall #DropTheMic on worldwide cuisine for their podcast this week and can’t wait. Where are the best cuisines in the are because who doesn’t want to try and taste the world? Also, are Pop Tarts ravioli? McCall says ravioli is the OG and inspired them and calzones and they’re all one in the same. Listener Chase Checketts gave us today’s #DebateAt8 to build off an earlier argument from this week. If you win a contest and win $1000 in cash or scratchers, which would you take? McCall digs up some interesting stats on scratchers, so maybe you can beat the system. Friday is #iPodIdol and McCall has won two weeks in a row. The song is Selena Gomez and Marshmello ‘Wolves’ but what will the stylistic choice be?