AJ & McCall 02/26/18

Apparently AJ is saying things weird again, and McCall actually has a list of words that she’s kept to herself that he says that annoy her. How do you pronounce egg and leg? Ay-gg or eh-gg? Most people pair them together, so ay-gg and lay-gg or eh-gg and leh-gg, but AJ doesn’t. How do you pronounce those words? A list was put together of the dumbest things people have done in interviews…THIS YEAR! What’s the silliest thing you or someone you know has done in an interview? McCall is apparently an interviewee expert and will pass on some of her tips. Jen, as the lone parent on the VFX staff, brought to our attention that she goes through serious effort to hid her snacks. School has started now so for the #DebateAt8, where’s your snack hiding spot? Where were you parents hiding spots? The loser of #iPodIdol this week has to wear high heels Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so who sang Selena Gomez and Marshmello ‘Wolves’ as a country song best?