AJ & McCall 02/27/18

A 108-year-old Canadian, Esmond Allcock, finally had a descendant named after him. It took 12 great-great-grandchildren before any of his 71 descendants got his name. AJ & McCall find this a bit ridiculous since naming patterns are kind of a big deal in their families. Speaking of families and traditions, does yours have a secret recipe. According to a survey, 10% of families have a secret chili recipe. McCall’s family is all about the secret recipes and AJ knows none, but he’s pretty sure that’s just because he hasn’t been told of the secret family recipes. A&W in Logan is closing and it was a special spot for the VFX staff, many a lunch were had there. For the #DebateAt8 we’ll look back fondly, happy memories, of places that are closed. What are the places that aren’t here any more that you miss? Today, Wednesday and Thursday has to wear heels for losing #iPodIdol, but what would you feel most comfortable in; heels or skates? GIF us your answer. And if there’s anything you’re feeling good about let us share those good vibes! It is #FeelGoodTuesday after all.