AJ & McCall 02/28/18

Wednesday means we add two new words to the VFX dictionary #WoWW. Today it’s workbeamatio and stmakets, but what do they mean and can AJ & McCall use it again this morning? Every year they take a look at what the cost of an average tooth is and this year it’s over four dollars. That’s crazy right? AJ & McCall both got dollars when they were kids, what did you get? What do your kids get for their teeth now? A guy in Wisconsin was arrested for getting in a high speed chase because he was late for the play he was in, sounds like something AJ & McCall would try. We aren’t encouraging speeding, but it happens. Tell us the funny ways you’ve gotten out of a ticket for the #DebateAt8. We promise it wasn’t planned that we talked about losing teeth and chocolate this morning, but someone crunched the numbers to figure out how much it would cost to run the chocolate factory from Willy Wonka, including the river of chocolate and rocket elevator. What thing would you want from the factory?