AJ & McCall 03/01/18

So yesterday AJ & McCall got in to alarms a bit with AJ’s #WoWW, only to find out that McCall has a ton of preset alarms despite only using two each day. How many alarms do you set each day? Do you have a bunch preset but only use a few? Yesterday we found out that Producer Butterz REALLY doesn’t like touching avocados. What are the things you don’t like touching? Is it a texture or a germs thing? College players are getting ready to go through the NFL Draft process and list was released of some of the weirdest and dumbest questions the players have been asked, and trust us this list is ridiculous. What’s the weirdest question you have ever encountered whether it was asked by you or someone else? And for the #DebateAt8 McCall will get in to some of her patented first date questions she used. A survey released says the average person wears two or three pairs of shoes a week, how many do you wear? And tomorrow we give away the first tickets to our 20th birthday party! Big thanks to HR Block and make sure you’re listening so you can win!