AJ & McCall 03/02/18

VFX turns 20 and we’re throwing a birthday party! Big thanks to HR Block and today is your first chance to win tickets! We’re having a show, cake, treats and prizes! AJ & McCall will be the first to admit that they were not the most open minded when they turned 20, and since VFX is now 20 we figured it could use some advice. What advice would you tell your younger self? AJ & McCall found out their good buddy Dom was on the Price is Right, and even though the video was 15 years ago they were still shouting at the screen trying to help him win. Have you been on a show? What show would you be on if you had your choice? And yes, AJ & McCall both think they would win on the Price is Right for the #DebateAt8. The loser of #iPodIdol this week will take on the #ALSChallenge with the spicy pepper but both will donate. The song this week is NF ‘Let You Down’ but what is the stylistic choice?