AJ & McCall 03/05/18

What makes a great birthday party? Of course VFX has its 20th birthday coming up March 24, and McCall has her’s this Saturday. What were some of the things that made your favorite birthday party the best? AJ & McCall Drop the Mic every Friday on their podcast about anything, and this week they vented. What are those minor things that you set you off, that send you straight to a 10?! Of course AJ & McCall spent PLENTY of time venting about driving. AJ & McCall both believe in doppelgangers, but yet McCall never thinks she looks like anyone. A lot of people in the building thought that McCall looked like that French Olympic skater, but McCall doesn’t see it. What do you think? AJ also shared some of his doppelganger photos. Speaking of doppelgangers, everyone says AJ and his brother sound exactly the same, they don’t hear it. So let’s play is it AJ or Tyler? And also, who lost #iPodIdol and will have to eat the spicy pepper for the ALS challenge?