AJ & McCall 03/07/18

Webster dictionary added new words, which will get to, but first AJ & McCall are adding two new ones to the VFX Dictionary. It’s Word of the Week Wednesday and that means two nonsense words get definitions! Yesterday in McCall’s 411 we heard the story of the moron who live streamed himself with an Oscar that of course wasn’t his. If you could win an award (Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, Tony or other) what award would you pick? What’s the most prestigious one to you? A guy in Florida did some stealing and when he was caught, said he did it because it was on his bucket list. We of course don’t condone that behavior, but what’s on your bucket list? Tell us the craziest thing you want to do for the #DebateAt8. AJ’s brother Tyler is in this morning and we’ll argue about wings with a fork again, but how do you deal with spice? AJ is eating the pepper for the #ALSChallenge, both AJ & McCall are donating and we’re passing the challenge on. How well do you deal with spicy, are you a wimp?