AJ & McCall 03/08/18

Yesterday was National Cereal Day and that has AJ & McCall thinking for breakfast today. What are your top five cereals AND the one you would keep if you could only eat one for the rest of your life? A lady in Shanghai had her phone locked for 48 YEARS because her toddler was playing with it, and get this, the guy that fixed it said that wasn’t even the longest he had seen a phone locked. What are the pranks you played on people with their phones? The oldest message in a bottle was recently discovered, though sadly it appears it was only out to sea for a year. What would you put in your message in a bottle or time capsule to capture 2018 for the #DebateAt8. And have you heard the guy that got in trouble for throwing out almost 5000 bottles in to the Atlantic Ocean? Last week AJ was sick and now McCall is feeling unwell, but do you actually miss work when you aren’t feeling well like they advise?