AJ & McCall 03/09/18

AJ & McCall are granting wishes, but you’re probably not gonna like it. We’re playing Genie and granting your wish, but with a caveat that may make you pass on your wish. Did you see Nickelodeon is bring back Blue’s Clues?! AND they’re having auditions for a new host, which AJ & McCall both think they’d be great at! What was a childhood show you always wanted to be on? Producer Butterz got an Alexa for Christmas and reports are the smart speakers are laughing and even meowing on their own. AJ & McCall are borrowing Producer Butterz’s Alexa to see if it does anything weird, and for tell us your stories of creepy technology for the #DebateAt8. Friday is #iPodIdol and the song this week is Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton ‘Say Something’ with the loser rolling down a hill of snow in their bathing suit. What’s the stylistic choice going to be?