AJ & McCall 03/12/18

How’s everyone dealing with Daylight Saving Time? AJ is doing meh, but McCall is dying and hates that the sun is up when she goes to bed. McCall is remodeling her house and trying to put new stuff in but has to be wary of her fur babies, and AJ has friends that are getting ready to baby proof their house with their daughter getting mobile. What’s the most expensive thing your kid has broken? We’ve got more chances to win 20th Birthday Party tickers, and some people say that a few won’t show up even though they win tickets, but that’s not true right? According to a survey the average person wants to go to 25 events a year but only makes it to eight. If you have tickets do you go? Is there someone in your house that even though they have tickets their attendance is still up in the air? #DebateAt8 Who won #iPodIdol? The loser is rolling down a hill of snow and bringing in spring!