AJ & McCall 03/13/18

What are you feeling good about, what has you excited? It’s #FeelGoodTuesday and today’s awesome story comes from Germany where a factory donated a bunch of overtime hours to send a coworker home to take care of his sick kid. Faith in humanity restored! What nice things have you done for your coworker because when AJ got everyone Christmas presents, McCall included, it was meant with ‘Now I have to get you something jerk!’ McCall has never picked a bracket before so we’re going to help her do her first. Join our bracket challenge and who’s in your Final 4? McCall has been feeling unwell and contemplating a trip to the doctor. How many days do you have to feel crummy in a row before you go to the doctor? #DebateAt8 McCall has another fun game for us today and it determines what’s on your tombstone.