AJ & McCall 03/14/18

Wanting to prove they can make up better words than that dumb Australian Dictionary that picked milkshake duck as the Word of the Wear for 2017, it’s Word of the Week Wednesday #WoWW! Can you use Howeventally (a classic case of a canker sore on your tongue you keep accidentally biting) or Dazzleanses (whenever you do something dumb, like stumble, and act like you meant to do it) in a sentence? As you’re getting ready for your cereal today, what order do you pour it in? Is it milk or cereal first? And did you know apparently someone has invented a third option? When you go out to eat do you wait for others to get their food before you eat? It is very much policy for AJ & McCall, yet AJ always seems to be the one waiting an abnormally long time to even get his food. #DebateAt8 We’ve had breakfast, then dinner so how about dessert? It’s #PiDay! What’s the best pie?