AJ & McCall 03/15/18

We’re back to snow and cold weather after getting just a taste of spring. Apparently, and who can fault them with the snow, but a lot of people have their summer vacations already planned and taken care of. If you could anywhere for your summer vacation where would it be? We all know McCall is the queen of passive aggressive notes, but just how far would you go to get people out of your house? What do you do to get rid of unwanted household guests? There’s a woman who makes ice cubes out of hot dog water to give to guests she doesn’t like. AJ & McCall have made no bones about how much they get upset with drivers, but today’s #DebateAt8 goes over the top. A video went viral of a woman standing, STANDING, in a parking spot and refusing to move because she got there first. What would you do in this situation? And since we’ve built up this spite and anger we’ll bring it down with some fun. What are the videos you binge on YouTube? What are your weirdly satisfying videos you watch?