AJ & McCall 03/16/18

Yesterday we found out that a bunch of people have their summer vacations already planned, which is crazy, but what about those summer shows? What would you give up to get to your dream concert? Would you give up your car? A favorite food? And who would you go see? A lady ‘threw away’ over $100,000 in jewelry, though it sounds more and more like a botched burglary, but we’re glad we didn’t do that. What have you accidentally thrown away? McCall swears she needs a machete and that she would use it all the time. What’s within a five or seven foot radius that you could use to fend off a zombie attack? #DebateAt8 Could AJ & McCall get out of the studios with their lives? The stakes are high for this week’s #iPodIdol with the loser opening our 20th Birthday Party in a silly outfit and an attempted few minutes of stand up comedy. The song this week is Imagine Dragons ‘Whatever It Takes’ but what is the stylistic choice?