AJ & McCall 03/19/18

It’s finally our birthday week! Leading up to it we have a whole week’s worth of events and that starts today with AJ & McCall at Macey’s 3-5p with a food drive. VFX has been part of the community for 20 years and we’re starting the whole party week by saying thanks and giving back. A question that comes up quite often for both AJ & McCall is that of the proposal. When are you getting married? Well if the new engagement trend catches on, never! Would you ever have a diamond pierced in to your ring finger? Everyone gets bombarded with those fake calls and scammers from all over the world, but what is the weirdest voicemail you’ve gotten? And for the #DebateAt8 we have a story about borking voicemails. The stakes have never been higher for #iPodIdol with the loser opening the show with ‘stand-up comedy’ but who will it be?