AJ & McCall 03/20/18

Bruce Wayne ate burritos for 500 days straight! A man in Ohio set a new record by eating at Chipotle for 500 straight days and that is #FeelGoodTuesday. How many times could you eat at the same restaurant, even ordering different things, before you were tired of it? There’s a new slushie and cake out…but you aren’t going to like it. Sonic is introducing a sweet pickle slushie this summer, and if you haven’t seen it there’s a video of a ketchup cake with mustard icing going around. AJ & McCall decide which would be the worst to eat. Things are going from weird to creepy for the #DebateAt8 with a new internet theory out there that’s all about a weird voicemail people are getting. Have you read about the Malaysian black box voicemail theory that has swept up the internet? What internet theories do you believe? AJ didn’t sleep well last night and probably isn’t going to tonight either. It’s the first official day of spring! Is spring cleaning a thing for you? Do you have a spring cleaning playlist?