AJ & McCall 03/22/18

Yesterday AJ & McCall, and the rest of the building, had to sit through a health insurance meeting and it was enthralling. With it being the middle of tax season what’s the worse adult responsibility you have to take care of; picking health insurance of filling taxes? We had a new guy start who will be called Adam from this point forward, and we want to know how you welcome the new people to your job? Of course we aren’t talking about hazing, just traditions for the new employees in the building. The #DebateAt8 is definitely not related to how you welcome the new guy to work, we promise, but what’s the fastest you’ve ever quit something? What’s the shortest time you had a job or hobby? AJ is heading home sick, but still needs to prepare his #iPodIdol punishment for Saturday night at our birthday party. It’s time for another GIF game! Who’s your favorite stand-up comedian so AJ can watch and prepare his routine to open the show Saturday?