AJ & McCall 03/23/18

So in one last meeting to tie up the details for the birthday party we realized we didn’t account for singing. Do you like to be sung to at your birthday? AJ hates it and McCall loves it. Speaking of events with cakes, AJ & McCall get asked all the time when they’re getting married so we’re gonna play a game. If you had to get married where you first met your significant other, would you? And where was it? Another question AJ & McCall get asked a lot is how far do they commute to the station. AJ just drives a few minutes and McCall drives half an hour. For the #DebateAt8, how far would you commute for your dream job? What’s too far of a drive? The punishment for #iPodIdol this week is an appearance as the Easter Bunny next week and the song is Khalid ‘Young, Dumb and Broke’ but what is the stylistic choice?