AJ & McCall 03/26/18

Thank you to everyone that came and to all that helped with our 20th Birthday! AJ & McCall delayed the #DropTheMic podcast and are doing a special edition of everyone’s favorite memories over the 20 years. What’s your favorite VFX memory? Facebook had a data leak and a bunch of information was leaked. A list was put together of how much someone would pay for your passwords on the dark web. How much do you think your Facebook password is worth? How do you change your passwords; do you have a few you rotate through or do you try and mix them up so no one can guess them? And after having mentalist Scott Andrews at our birthday party, and McCall working at a bank and getting good at reading people, can McCall figure out any of AJ’s passwords? If there’s one thing AJ & McCall consider themselves experts at it’s food, and there’s an invention they both agree is too far. Would you use sliced ketchup? #DebateAt8 Would you try lobster and waffles? Who will make an appearance to help out the Easter Bunny this week for #iPodIdol?