AJ & McCall 03/27/18

Fresh off a stand-up comedy ‘performance’ AJ & McCall want to know what’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you in the past week? #FeelGoodTuesday is about sharing a few laughs and maybe helping someone feel better about their silly mess up. Yesterday, AJ & McCall talk about passwords with the Facebook data leak and how much your passwords are worth on the dark web, but what about those messages you get that you weren’t supposed to. We’ve all sent messages to the wrong person, but what did you do when you got the wrong one? With the pickle slushie and ketchup cake we have definitely covered the foods on one should eat, but what about unusual foods we chose to eat? Tell us the unusual way you ate food for the #DebateAt8? Did you eat condiments buy themselves? Eat powder by the spoonful? It’s not possible to have a #FeelGoodTuesday and McCall not mention dogs, so she wants to see your pets!