AJ & McCall 03/28/18

Word of the Week Wednesday #WoWW is changing a little bit. Why generate a list of nonsensical words when you can just go through your typos and pick a new word from them. This week the word was Festus (a word that puts joy on your face). What are the best auto-corrects or typos you’ve gotten this past week? Wendy’s, yes the restraint, dropped a mix tape and it’s actually pretty good so AJ & McCall are going to try their hands at it. However, neither of them is ready to freestyle yet so which nursery rhymes should they drop as their pre-mix tapes? And yes you can go back and watch their attempted raps. March is the month of brackets and there’s one out that will be a lot more fun, but maybe generate more arguments. For the #DebateAt8 pick the best Disney and Pixar movies with us. Can we put together a fairly consensus bracket? Speaking of Pixar, apparently a roller coaster in England is equipped with the ability to turn screams in to energy. What’s the next thing they should attach that to?