AJ & McCall 03/29/18

Doughnuts and running shoes go together right? Dunkin’ Doughnuts is making some special running shoes, and they are pretty slick looking, but definitely super ironic. What other ironic products should be created? Speaking of food shoes, Pizza Hut has invented some shoes that allow you to order pizza with just a push of a button on the shoe tongue. What a day to be alive! If you had shoes that could order you anything at the push of a button what would it be? AJ & McCall took care of Easter with their egg hunt yesterday, and now they need to figure out April Fools. Monday is totally fair game, but we need help and some prankspiration. The #DebateAt8 is all about you telling us the best pranks you’ve pulled or had pulled on you. It’s a special edition of #iPodIdol today because McCall will be gone tomorrow. Camila Cabello ‘Never Be the Same’ and the loser will have to answer yes to every question the winner asks all next week, but what is the stylistic choice that it has to be sung like?