AJ & McCall 03/30/18

Candy and Easter expert Matty G is filling in for McCall this morning, and after her Easter Bunny romp we gotta talk about candy. Do you get more candy for Halloween or Easter? According to a survey map Utah’s favorite candy is Almond Joy eggs, which AJ and Matty think that’s bogus. What’s your favorite Easter candy? And speaking of Easter, Matty G has source that says video game buying during this weekend rivals Christmas. Do you do big gifts for Easter, because they both got just small things and are going to continue doing just that. McCall is gone so AJ is missing his work wife. What do you do when you have the place to yourself? #DebateAt8 Normally #iPodIdol is on Friday but even with it a day later we can recap it. Camila Cabello ‘Never Be the Same’ as a soap opera and the loser has to answer yes no matter what to all the questions the winner asks next week.