AJ & McCall 04/02/18

McCall is back and needs a mind reset, so let’s talk about pranks. Did you pull any during Easter weekend? Are you pulling any today? And against what AJ thinks is better judgement McCall will give you some details as to what our prank is. Roseanne has come back to success and reports are Last Man Standing will be returning also. If you could bring back any show, whether it’s a revival or a reboot, what would you bring back? A recent report says Millenials are killing off the top sheet and McCall thinks that’s crazy because she loves hers. For the #DebateAt8 AJ says the report is right because top sheets are useless. Do you use a top sheet? There’s been an extra long time to vote for #iPodIdol so who will have to answer yes to the winners questions the rest of the week?